I found a bug/I want to report a bug

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VRChat is a big app, and bugs make their way in all the time! If you find a bug in VRChat, first ensure that it is actually a bug. Bugs typically match these conditions:

  • Are reproducible (you can usually cause it to occur more than once)
  • Are not related to your own setup (it usually occurs on anyone's device that attempts to reproduce it, or everyone that can reproduce it has similar device hardware)
  • Have an "expected" and an "actual" result (you're trying to do X, but Y happens instead)

If the issue you're experiencing matches these, or if you're otherwise confident you've found a bug, check our Canny to see if it's been reported recently. If you can't find a post that matches the issue, file a new one!

To help our team track issues better, try to follow this type of example for a bug report:

  • Title: When you try to use a portal, you don't go to the right world
  • Description:
    • When you attempt to go through a portal, the world you load into is not what the Portal depicted when you enter it.
    • Repro Steps: Find a portal in the world. Note the name of the world it says it goes to. Go into the portal.
      • Expected: You load into the world that the portal is labeled as.
      • Actual: You load into another random world.
    • I have tested this with multiple users and machines. Here are the output logs: [Attach Output Logs]
    • Here is a video of the problem: [Link to video]

Output logs and (when applicable) screenshots/videos are extremely useful in helping us identify the source of bugs and understand how to fix them. We can't always respond to every post made to our Canny, but we look at every single one to make sure we know what people are reporting.