I want to change where my downloaded content cache is stored

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When using VRChat, the content you view or visit has to be downloaded to a temporary location. This is your cache.

By default on PC, the cache is stored in the VRChat folder in your Windows AppData directory (C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat) along with other files that need to be stored by the application. As this location is on your primary drive and the default size limit for the cache is 20 gigabytes, you may prefer to move your cache elsewhere.

To change the location of your cache, you'll need to create a text file named config.json and place it in AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat. Open the file in Notepad, and add these lines, substituting "C:/VRChatCache/" with the full path for where you'd like your cache to be located:

"cache_directory" : "C:/VRChatCache/"

If you're already using an existing config.json file for a different feature, please see our documentation for how to combine multiple custom options.

When you next launch the VRChat application, it'll begin storing downloaded content at the location you've specified. You can delete the Cache-WindowsPlayer folder at the default location to ensure no storage space is taken by unused cache files.

⚠️Please do not use symbolic links (symlinks) for your cache directory - if you do, you may encounter issues loading content. If you've already done this, we recommend that you remove any symlinks affecting your VRChat folder and subfolders.