Where do I find my output logs?

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Output logs are text files that VRChat writes to disk. These logs contain diagnostic information and can be helpful in many situations.

These logs are retained for 24 hours. Any logs older than 24 hours will be deleted when VRChat is launched.

VRChat on Windows 10/11 PC

If you play VRChat on a Windows PC, here's how you find your output logs.

Press the Windows Key + R. This will bring up the "Run" window:


Paste this into the text field:


Press ENTER or OK. This will bring up a Windows Explorer window:


In this screenshot, the output log is called:


Depending on your Windows settings, you may or may not see the "txt" extension.

The format is "output_log_HH-MM-SS.txt", where the HH-MM-SS corresponds to the time at which that session of VRChat was started. Each individual output_log file corresponds to a session of VRChat launching. 

It might be helpful to sort these files by "Date Modified" by clicking on that column in Explorer so you can see the most recent file.

Preparing to send the log

These logs can get quite large, but they compress very well. Let's ZIP up all the output logs we have.

While holding the Control key, click on each output_log text file. Let go of Control, and then right click on any of the output logs you've selected. In the context menu, click "Send To". Then, click "Compressed (zipped) folder". A ZIP file will be created with the same name.

You can send this ZIP file. Usually, this is for a VRChat Support ticket, or a VRChat Trust and Safety ticket.

VRChat on Meta Quest

We've added the ability for you to grab your logs on your Quest headset! To do so, you'll need to enable the 'Logging' toggle in-app, as it is disabled by default on startup for Quest.

You can find this option by doing the following: navigate to the Settings page of your Quick Menu > scroll down to the 'Debug' section > click the 'Logging' option to enable it.

Your output logs can be found in the 'Logs' folder located in the device root when you've connected your Quest to a PC.

VRChat on Linux via Proton

⚠️ VRChat on Linux via Proton is not directly supported unless you are using VRChat on the Steam Deck.

The location of this folder depends heavily on your distribution and how you've installed Steam.

You can usually find the Proton AppData folder for VRChat here:


If you installed Steam via FlatPak, it might be here: