Why can't I upload avatars or worlds yet?

  • Updated

In order to upload content or use avatar pedestals in private worlds, the New User rank is required. To publish worlds to Community Labs, you'll need the User rank. You need to spend some time in VRChat (as the SDK tells you) for your Trust Rank to increase. This typically doesn't take too long!

The Trust and Safety system is completely automated and we do not have any ability to affect it manually. Please read more about it here.

If you continue to spend time in VRChat, follow the Community Guidelines, and participate in the Community in a positive manner, your Trust Rank will continue to increase.

Keep in mind that Steam, Oculus and Viveport Accounts will never gain the ability to upload content. Create a VRChat account at our website! Ensure you are logged into your VRChat account by clicking Logout in your System menu and logging back in.