I found a bug

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If you find a bug in VRChat, ensure that it is actually a bug. Bugs typically match these conditions:

  • Are reproducable (you can cause it to occur over and over)
  • Are not related to your own setup (it occurs on anyone's machine that attempts to reproduce it)
  • Have an "expected" and an "actual" result (you're trying to do X, but Y happens instead)

If you still believe you've found a bug, report it on our Canny. Try to follow this type of example for a bug report:

Title: When you try to use a portal, you don't go to the right world


When you attempt to go through a portal, the world you load into is not what the Portal depicted when you enter it.

Repro Steps: Find a portal in the world. Note the name of the world it says it goes to. Go into the portal.

Expected: You load into the world that the portal is labeled as.

Actual: You load into another random world.

I have tested this with multiple users and machines. Here are the output logs: [Attach Output Logs]

Here is a video of the problem: [Link to video]

Output logs, screenshots, and (when applicable) video is extremely useful in helping us see bugs and understand how to fix them. Not all posts to the Canny will receive a response, but rest assured that we review every post made to the Canny.