I can't see anyone's avatars

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There are a couple of reasons you may run into issues loading people's avatars. This can range from possible Settings to avatar loading issues.

Before submitting a ticket, it's important to rule out the troubleshooting steps below so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible. If issues still persist beyond that point, let's review some of the possible behaviors you might see and how to troubleshoot them:

Everyone is a gray avatar and I can't hear anyone

Here are some possible reasons why that might happen:

  • You may have activated Safe Mode

    To disable Safe Mode, open your Quick Menu and click on "Change Shield Level". You'll then want to pick a safety level like "Normal" to change it back. Once the safety level is selected, you should be able to see and hear everyone in the room again!
  • You have the Avatar blocked

    To show the Avatar, you can open your Quick Menu, select the user with the avatar you're trying to see and select the 'Eye' icon under Avatar Display to see their avatar.
  • Avatars are being Performance Blocked

    If a user looks like the image below, you'll need to review your Safety Settings:


    To do this, you can open up the Main Menu, click on the 'Safety' page and adjust your Safety Settings to display avatars and hear voices of the corresponding Trust Rank.

    Additionally, you may be blocking all avatars below a certain Performance Rank or above a certain Download Size. You can adjust this by navigating to the 'Settings' page, navigating to the 'Avatars' menu and changing your settings under 'Avatar Optimizations'.


I'm seeing gray diamonds instead of people's avatars

Here are some possible reasons why that might happen:

  • You have Avatar Culling enabled

    If a user looks like the image below, you'll want to adjust your Avatar Culling settings:


    To do this, you can open your Main Menu, select the 'Settings' page and then navigate to the 'Avatars' menu to turn off Avatar Culling. Not sure how to do that? You can click on the icons on the right as shown in the image below to disable Avatar Culling by distance:



I'm seeing an Error Bot instead of loaded avatars

This situation applies when you see an avatar like in the image below:


This can happen due to cache issues, connection issues or installation issues altogether. In short, this one requires troubleshooting! We'd suggest you review these two articles to complete the required troubleshooting:

VRChat keeps crashing or has issues launching properly

Troubleshooting Connection Issues with VRChat

If you experience any issues after completing all the steps above, submit a Support Ticket so we can take a look. Make sure to include Output Logs!