I'm having issues with video players in VRChat

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While some guides available online include steps to replace the "yt-dlp" or "youtube-dl" executable, it is not recommended to follow this as the version included with VRChat includes security changes.

Nvidia Specific Troubleshooting

We are aware of some issues that can be caused by certain settings being set on Nvidia Graphics Cards where, for example, only the first video in a playlist will play.

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Click Manage 3D Settings.
  3. Make sure that Vertical Sync is set to Off for all applications or just for VRChat
  4. Click Apply at the bottom
  5. Restart your computer

In case of further issues, you might also have luck by restoring default settings with the Restore Defaults button found at the bottom of the Manage 3D Settings page. Please note that this will reset any custom settings you might have set.


AMD Specific Troubleshooting

While we've seen AMD Graphic Card users experience driver issues related to video players, we do not currently have specific troubleshooting steps for them. We generally recommend making sure your drivers are up to date, and in some cases if an issue started after a driver update you might have luck downgrading to the previous version. You can also try resetting to Factory Default settings.


General Troubleshooting

In some cases there might be an issue with the way a video player is implemented in a specific world make sure to try if the issue is happening in other worlds with video players.

Please try installing the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable. You can find that here.

If that doesn't help, here are some steps to try to fix the video player issue:

  1. Exit VRChat.
  2. Press your Windows Key + R and type "certmgr.msc" into the window. Press ok. You can also type this into the Windows search bar.
  3. Go to Menu, then Action, then Find Certificates.
  4. In the "Contains" field, type "google".
  5. In the "Look in fields:" field, choose "issued to".
  6. Click "Find Now".
  7. Select all the expired certificates.
  8. Right click and choose "Delete".

Additionally, you may need to install the Windows Media Feature pack, which you can find here.

If you have apostrophes in your file path (for example, "User's Files" as part of your folder name) that lead to the "yt-dlp" executable, the program can fail to run. You'll want to try removing those symbols to see if they're breaking video players.

Finally, we've heard that the program Razer Cortex can cause this issue. Please try uninstalling it if applicable.

Contacting Support

If you're still having issues, please send our Support team a ticket. You can do this by using this form. Please describe your issue, including what world or worlds it's happening in. It is very important that you be as detailed as possible. Our Support team may ask you for more details.

If you're using VRChat on a PC, you should include your output logs. Where do I find my output logs?