I'd like to change my name

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Changing your display name can be done at most once per 90 days. This policy may change at any time with no notification. You can only change your display name; the Username of the account that is used during login will remain the original name selected during registration. You can also use your email address to log into the VRChat application, website, and SDK.

Changing Your Name

Proceed to the VRChat Home and log in. Navigate to the Account Settings from the top right of the page using the icon with two small cogs as indicated in the picture below.


Here, you can change your account information, including your display name. When changing your display name, you will be asked to type it again to verify. Please make sure that you type your new name correctly.

  • You may only change your display name once per 90 days.
  • Names must be at least 4 and at most 15 characters long.
  • The name must be unique.
    1. It will be unavailable if someone else has the same name as their Display Name or Username.
    2. An account will always retain its original name, which is referred to as Username, even through name changes.

We do not process any name changes via email to Support.

Please keep the VRChat Community Guidelines in mind when changing your name. Names cannot contain offensive or rude language, nor can they be intended to impersonate another user. Names that violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service may be forcibly changed.

Again, please remember that you may only change your name once in 90 days. This limit cannot be overridden, so be careful when changing your name!