I'm experiencing issues creating a VRChat account

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There are a couple of reasons you might experience issues creating a VRChat account. We've put together some common error messages you might see and troubleshooting steps that you can try:

Registration Error Messages

  • Error 401: This can happen if you try to make too many accounts too quickly. You'll want to wait 12-24 hours, then try again.
  • Account creation failed!: As stated in the VRChat Terms of Service, all users must be at least 13 years old to use VRChat.
  • You can't use that e-mail address!: We do not allow the use of the email provider that you're trying to use. This is not a limitation we can bypass, so you may need to consider using another email provider that we allow and making a redirect rule towards your desired email address.


Troubleshooting issues with Registration

  • Try using a different browser, device or connection. If you're able to use a browser that supports an Incognito / Private Mode, try enabling it and attempt to register.
  • Make sure that you're using a unique e-mail address that has not been previously used on a VRChat account before.
  • If you have a VPN enabled, try to temporarily turn it off in the case that your VPN may be conflicting with our security measures.
  • Use a strong password! We recommend using a password which is at least 8 characters long, unique to this account and not in use anywhere else, uses a combination of letters / numbers / symbols and is ideally stored in a Password Manager. 
    • Ensure that your password does not appear on HaveIBeenPwned's password list by using the available form here. If it does, you may be have issues completing the registration process.


If issues continue, use this link to submit a Support Request under the Support Category 'I can't create a VRChat account' with the following information:

    1. Head to this page this page and copy / paste the results you receive as an attachment with a screenshot of the registration form and error you're receiving.

    2. Open your web browser inspector (this can usually be done by pressing F12) and select the tab titled "Console". Once that's done, reproduce the website error and check the console for any red errors. If any appear, please screenshot them and include them as an attachment in your ticket so we can review.