Joining a Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I join a Group?

➜  A) You can join a Group by searching for the Group's identifier and descriptor, or by clicking the Group's shortlink.

Q) How many Groups can I be in?

➜  A) You can join up to 100 Groups by default. With VRChat+ you can join up to 200 groups.

Q) How do I represent a Group's banner on my nameplate?

➜  A) You can show off a Group's banner on your nameplate by clicking the flag icon on the Group's page, or by selecting "Represent This Group" in the Group's Settings. You can only represent one Group at a time.

Note: You cannot represent Private Groups in your nameplate.

Q) Where do I find a Group's short code?

➜  A) A Group's short code can be found just underneath its banner when viewing the Group in-app or on the website. You can even copy it from there!

You can also find the short code of a Group someone is representing by viewing their nameplate while your Quick Menu is open.