Managing a Group

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If you haven't made a Group quite yet, check out this article first for instructions on how to do so!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many roles can a Group have?

➜  A) Each Group can consist of 50 roles.

Q) How many members are allowed to join my Group?

➜  A) You can have a maximum of 100,000 members in your Group.

Q) What is a Group Instance?

➜  A) Group Instances are a new type of instance that restricts access only to one Group. You can select all or no roles to allow everyone with Join-Instance permission in, or you can select only specific roles and deny access to everyone else.

Note: Members with a role higher than the lowest selected role which gives instance moderation permission are always allowed into role-restricted instances.

Q) How do I delete my Group?

Deleting a Group is permanent and cannot be reversed. VRChat Support cannot assist with any accidental deletions.

➜  A) In order to delete a Group, you must first kick all of the members in it until you're the only remaining member left. After that, you can delete the Group by going into the Group's Settings page and then clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.

Q) Can I remove someone from my Group?

➜  A) If you want to remove a user from a Group, you can kick or ban the member by navigating to the "Members" section, editing the user you want to remove, and then selecting "Kick" or "Ban".

Kick allows the user to rejoin, re-request, or be reinvited depending on your Group's join setting. Ban prevents them from doing so until they're unbanned.

Q) What happens when I ban someone from my Group?

➜  A) The user will be removed from the Group and can no longer join until they are either unbanned or invited back into the Group, which will unban them as a result.

Q) How do I set it up so my moderators can kick people out of Group Instances?

➜  A) For moderators to be able to kick people from Group instances, you must ensure that they have the "Moderate Group Instances" permission assigned to their role.

Navigate to the Group's settings and select the "Roles" tab. Then select the role you wish to update, click on "Permissions", then toggle the permission labeled "Moderate Group Instances". Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to finalize your changes.