I have an idea for a feature that I'd like to see added to VRChat

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If you have an idea for a feature we should consider implementing, we'd love to hear from you! Please consider submitting your idea to our Canny (https://feedback.vrchat.com/feature-requests) under the following guidelines:

  • Feature requests should describe a specific change or addition to the VRChat application or the VRCSDK
  • If you have multiple feature requests, please separate them into individual posts for each request

We may need to merge or close posts that don’t follow the guidelines in order to keep things organized. This includes duplicate posts or requests that depend on future hardware, software, or other major planned features. It's always a good idea to search and see if the request already exists before posting!

If you have a request that is not fit for Canny, you’re welcome to send it as an email to hello@vrchat.com.