Creator Economy: Frequently Asked Questions

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To learn more about Creator Economy, check out our blog post here.

Q – What are VRChat Credits?

VRChat Credits are VRChat's new virtual currency. You can purchase VRChat Credits and support your favorite creators.


Q – Are VRChat Credits a cryptocurrency?



Q – What are VRChat Credits used for?

You can use VRChat Credits to purchase paid subscriptions that directly support group creators! Creators can offer a variety of products, including exclusive roles, group instances, and unlockable features in their worlds.


Q – How do I buy VRChat Credits?

VRChat Credits is purchasable in bundles through the VRChat client.

  1. Open the Main Menu, click on the marketplace tab (far right), navigate to the Wallet tab
  2. Pick the bundle that you would like to purchase
  3. Make sure that your Steam or Meta payment is correct
  4. Congratulations! You now have Credits that you can spend in VRChat


Q – What are paid subscriptions?

Paid Subscriptions, available for purchase using VRChat Credits, can be purchased within creators' stores, found in their VRChat worlds or Group Store tab, accessible both in-game and on our website.


Q – How do I extend my subscription?

When you buy a subscription, the 'Subscribe' button will turn into a button that allows you to extend your subscription by as many months as you would like. As a reminder, when your subscription is expiring or has expired, you'll receive a notification in-app or on the website to let you know.


Q – How do I cancel my subscription?

Currently, paid subscriptions are non-recurring but can be canceled anytime via your marketplace wallet. You'll have the option to cancel subscriptions labeled as "Active Subscriptions".


Q – What platforms are supported?

You can purchase VRChat Credits using Steam or Meta.


Q – What is the payment platform used for VRChat's Creator Economy?

Tilia is the payment platform for VRChat's Creator Economy, facilitating accounts, wallets, payments, invoices, and payouts. You can learn more about Tilia on their website: