I want to make a world public

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We'd love to help you show the world your creation! Make sure that your world performs well (for all platforms - ask your friends to help you test!) and that you are not violating the VRChat Creator Guidelines, Community Guidelines or Terms of Service with the content you are uploading. Make sure you've done all the work to get your world ready!

We use a system called Community Labs to approve worlds for public use. You can submit a world either using the website or directly from the VRChat SDK. Our documentation includes additional information about the process and how to submit your world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Trust Rank do I need to upload content to Community Labs?

➜  A) Your account must have at least the Trust Rank of User or higher to upload content to Community Labs.

Q) How often can I publish a new world to Community Labs?

➜  A) Once a week (7 days). This includes worlds you previously submitted and made private afterward.

Q) Can I only Publish once per week? How can I be expected to iterate or update with a limit that strict?

➜  A) The limit applies only when Publishing a currently private world. You can update your existing world, no matter what state it is in (Private, Community Labs, Public), whenever you like. Your world will remain at whatever status it is in.

Additional questions and answers can be found in our documentation.