How do I create an Avatar or World?

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We're excited to see what you've got in mind! VRChat is full of amazing things that users (like you!) have created and shared with the world. Our Creator Documentation is the best place to learn more information about the VRChat SDK and VRChat Creator Companion.

Unfortunately, VRChat Support cannot assist you directly with things like "How do I make a world?" or "How do I fix my avatar's rigging?" For issues like that, we recommend referring to the links below on how to get started on finding useful resources.

Useful Resources & Links

  1. Getting Started
    • Get started with the VRChat Creator Companion and create your first project.
  2. The VRChat Creator Documentation
    • The Creator Documentation includes information on how to get started with content creation.
    1. Creating Your First Avatar
    2. Creating Your First World
    3. Currently Supported Unity Version
    4. Creating Content for Android platforms
  3. VRChat Learning Channel
    • The Learning Channel on YouTube includes helpful videos on content creation.
    1. Create Avatars & World Projects - VRChat Creator Companion
    2. Avatar Basics - Terminology
  4. VRChat Discord
    • Our Discord server includes the Worlds & Udon and Avatars categories, which include various channels for finding out more information and talking to other VRChat creators.
  5. VRChat Ask Forums
    • The Creator Hub on our Ask Forum includes sections for every type of content creator on VRChat. In the Tutorials, Tools, and Resources, you can also find additional resources contributed by community members.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How to use the VRChat SDK on Mac or Linux?

➜  A) Windows is the only fully supported platform for content creation at this time. However, we are working to better support these platforms in the future. You can read more information Mac and Linux support in our documentation.

Submitting a Bug Report

If you think you've found a bug in the SDK, please submit a report on the feedback board! Our team actively monitors this site and uses it to help keep track of issues.