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I'm experiencing crashes or hangs with the SDK!

If you're getting crashes when importing the SDK, try starting a new project. Import the VRCSDK first, then start bringing your assets back into the project one at a time. You can also try clicking "Detatch" in the Pipeline Manager on your World/Avatar descriptor, but keep in mind this will generate a new ID.


You can try the steps listed in "I'm missing menu options in the SDK!" and in "How do I update my SDK?". You can also check out our SDK Troubleshooting page in our docs.


Still having issues after trying all that? Send us your Editor log! You can find the editor log here: 




or just copy and paste this line into an Explorer window address bar:




Attach the files in this folder (Editor.log) to a ticket. You can create a ticket at our Helpdesk page. Please ensure that you select the Support category, attach any relevant files, and describe your issue as best as possible.

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