I want to report someone

Sometimes a user may be harassing you repeatedly, stalking you, causing you to crash, or causing other problems. The first thing you should do with users like this is block or mute them. This is always the easiest way to avoid problems.

If, somehow, someone continues to harass you after you've taken these measures, please feel free to report them to our moderation email. Send us an email at moderation@vrchat.com with your in-game name, the name of the user you're reporting, and a brief description of the issue.

It is helpful if you attach images or video to these emails for proof. You can attach images directly to the email itself, and you can upload videos to Google Drive and share the link. You can also upload videos unlisted to YouTube if that is easier.

Emails to the Moderation team may not be responded to depending on the case. Additionally, we do not inform the reporter of any action taken on the reported user.

False reports of any kind may be responded to with moderation action on the false reporter's account.

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  • 07-Mar-2019