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I can't hear any sound!

There's a few steps you can try to fix sound issues.


  1. Is your volume in-app turned up all the way? Try checking in your System menu and ensure your sliders are up all the way.
  2. Do you have the correct output device selected? Check in Windows Playback Devices. You can find this by right-clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen and selecting Playback Devices. Ensure you have the correct device selected.
  3. Are the drivers for your Audio Device updated? RealTek HD Audio devices are particularly notorious for having issues if the drivers aren't totally up to date. If you're on a custom-built desktop computer, check with your motherboard manufacturer for the latest drivers. If you are on a prebuilt desktop computer or a laptop, check with your computer manufacturer for updated drivers.
  4. Is your system volume turned up?


If you're still having issues, please contact us by creating a ticket. Click "Submit Ticket" in the top right of this page.

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