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Having issues with other users not being able to hear you?

  1. Right click the speaker in the bottom right of your screen, click Recording Devices, and ensure that the level on the microphone goes up when you talk. Also, please ensure your mic is enabled.
  2. The mic on the bottom left of your menu is not crossed out? If it is, click it to unmute yourself.
  3. Ensure the slider on the left side of the menu is dragged to the top. This is your mic volume.
  4. Ensure the correct recording device has been selected in your System menu. If you're not sure, try a few of them.
  5. Try right clicking on the speaker button at the bottom right, go to recording devices, and double-click on the mic you are using. Enabled listening, and increase my microphone level to 100, and raised the microphone boost to +30dB. If you can hear yourself loudly now, then that may have fixed your issue. Please make sure you uncheck Listening after you’re done!
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