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VRChat crashing? Not launching? There's a few things we can try right off the bat to see if you've got something easily solvable. Please follow all of the steps below. If your problem persists, we'll ask you to gather logs and contact our support at the end of the article.


Oculus Quest

If you are using VRChat on the Oculus Quest, you must use the steps described in "In-app Method". The "Automatic Method" and "Manual Method" are for PC. If you cannot launch the application, try uninstalling and reinstalling. This should clear out the settings for VRChat on the Oculus Quest.


If you still have problems after uninstalling and reinstalling, please contact our Support team using the link at the bottom of the article.


In-App Method (Preferred)

If you can access the application, open your Settings Menu, open the "Advanced Settings" button in the top right, and click both buttons. Restart VRChat. Skip to Final Steps!


If you cannot access the application's Settings menu, move on to Automatic Method


Automatic Method

Press your Windows key and type "cmd" into your Windows Search bar. Right click "Command Prompt" and click "Run as Administrator". After accepting the UAC prompt, a black command prompt window should pop up. Copy this command with Ctrl-C, and paste it into the window by right-clicking in the window.


rmdir /S /Q "%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\Cookies" 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q "%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\HTTPCache" 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q "%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\Unity" 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q "%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\VRCHTTPCache" 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q "%TEMP%\VRChat" 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q "%UserProfile%\.cache\youtube-dl" 2>nul & REG DELETE HKCU\Software\VRChat\vrchat /va


Press Enter. A bunch of files will show as being deleted. It will then ask you if you want to delete all keys under the VRChat key. Press Y for Yes, and press enter. Close the window and skip to the Final Steps section.

If you got any errors, please continue into the Manual Method section.

Manual Method

Please only perform this section if the "Automatic Method" did not work, and is intended for advanced users. This process involves removing files and registry keys from important parts of your computer, so please be careful. Follow the instructions precisely.


First, let's clear your cache. You can clean cache by deleting the folders within C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat. AppData is a hidden folder, and you may have to enable visibility of hidden folders in Windows Folder Options. The easiest method to find this folder is by pasting this into your Windows Explorer address bar: 




In that folder, delete all folders, but don't delete any text files!

Next, go to this folder:




Delete the youtube-dl folder in this directory.


Now, let’s clear VRChat settings (PlayerPrefs). On Windows, open the regedit app and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VRChat\vrchat. Please be careful when editing your registry, this can potentially damage your computer.


Finally, paste the following address into your Windows Explorer address bar:




Delete the vrchat folder in that folder by right-clicking and selecting "Delete".

Final Steps

Verify Game Files

Open the Properties for VRChat in Steam and choose "Verify Integrity of Game Files" under the local files tab.


Reset Your Avatar


Go to the VRChat Home website, click on the Avatars section, and click "Reset to Default Avatar". 


Update Windows, Drivers


Ensure that you are running the latest version of Windows, and that your GPU drivers are up to date. Please note that we do not support the Insider Edition of Windows 10.


External Programs


If you're experiencing very low framerates, try uninstalling all virtual audio device software. This is software like VoiceMeeter and MorphVox. The drivers included with this software can cause major performance issues in VRChat.


Please whitelist VRChat.exe in your antivirus program and any firewalls you might have running. If you can't whitelist the application (or if it doesn't appear to work), try disabling real-time protection on your antivirus and your firewall while you play VRChat. Don't forget to turn it back on!


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


A final resort for connection issues can be trying a VPN. VPNs "bounce" your connection off another server, and may skip bad routes that your ISP is forcing on you. Keep in mind most VPN services have a cost, and using a free VPN will result in very slow performance or potentially other issues.


This can also solve issues where an overly aggressive firewall is preventing connections to our services.


In addition, using a VPN may or may not have certain legal limitations in your country. Please ensure you know your local regulations.



After doing all this, test to see if your issue is still occuring. If it is, you'll need to contact Support.



Contacting Support

If you're still having issues, please send our Support team a ticket. You can do this by using this form. Please describe your issue, including what you were doing at the time, what you were attempting to do, and what happened instead. It is very important that you be as detailed as possible. Our Support team may ask you for more details.


If you're using VRChat on PC, you should include your output logs. See the section below.

Output Logs - PC Only

If you are using VRChat on PC, you need to send us your output logs. It is best to create a folder on your Desktop, gather the files to send, then compress them.


Here's how to find your logs:




You keep all output logs generated in the last 24 hours. They will have a name like this:




The "HH-MM-SS" indicates at what local time the client was launched for that session.


You can also find your logs by copying and pasting this into your Windows Explorer address bar: 




However you find them, copy all of these logs into your temporary folder.


ZIP up all of the output logs that you have. The easiest way to do this is to select all of them, right click, choose "Send To..." and then click "Compressed (zipped) folder". This will generate a ZIP file that you can send to us.


Please attach the output log ZIP to your ticket. Do not copy and paste the contents into your ticket. You will be asked to ZIP up the output log and resend it.


Crash Logs - PC Only

If you have any error folders in your VRChat folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VRChat) please include those as well. They are typically named in a format like this: 2017-08-01_195906Please do not try to send your VRChat_Data folder!


You may have some more crash dumps in this folder:




If you have any Dump Files in this folder that say "VRChat.exe" at the beginning of the filename, you may want to attach those as well. They can be very large, so you might not want to do this unless Support asks.


If you do send these crash logs, you must compress them using the method described in the Output Logs section above. Do not send these files without compressing them, as they can be very large.

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