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I'm missing menu options in the VRCSDK menu

This is usually caused by one of three things:


  1. You're using the wrong version of Unity. You can see which version is the current version by visiting our documentation.
  2. You're getting some kind of console error preventing the SDK from building. Check your Console in Unity and look for the first error that appears. It will usually point to the problem!
  3. You're using MMD4Mechanim.


The author of MMD4Mechanim has stated that they don’t want VRChat users using the plugin, and has inserted code to disable the VRCSDK when it exists in the same project. VRChat asks that users do not use the plugin. You need to remove the MMD4Mechanim folder, then remove the VRCSDK. Then, re-import the VRCSDK.


If you need an alternate method of importing MMDs into VRChat, use Cat’s Blender Plugin. This plugin was created by a community member for the express purpose of importing MMDs into VRChat for use as an avatar. There are many tutorials for this process on YouTube.


You can also try reinstalling the SDK. If you're just uploading avatars, you can use the following process. Follow these steps precisely:


  1. Please ensure you're using the correct version of Unity. You can see which version is the current version by visiting our documentation.
  2. Download the latest version of the SDK here.
  3. Close Unity.
  4. Find your Project folder with Windows Explorer, and find the Assets folder. 
  5. Delete the VRCSDK folder, as well as the VRCSDK.meta file in the Assets folder.
  6. Go into Plugins, and delete the VRCSDK folder, as well as the VRCSDK.meta file in the Plugins folder.
  7. Open "regedit". You can do this by typing regedit in your Start menu.
  8. If you're running Windows 10, paste this into the top bar: 
    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unity Technologies\Unity Editor 5.x
    If you're not running Windows 10, or an older version, go to the path manually.
  9. Delete all keys starting with VRC in that directory. Highlight them, right click, and press delete. ONLY DELETE the keys starting with "VRC". Very important.
  10. Close Regedit.
  11. Relaunch Unity, and then re-import the freshly-downloaded SDK. Do so by going to Assets, then Import Package, then Custom Package.
  12.  Select the new SDK (you probably saved it in Downloads)
  13. Wait a moment, and click "Import" in the bottom left. If any files in the list are greyed out/unchecked, and you can't check them, you didn't delete everything you should have! Start over.
  14. Wait a minute as the SDK finishes importing.


If you're reinstalling the SDK in a project that contains a world using complex trigger setups, here's a safer way to update your SDK.


  1. Close Unity
  2. Back up project to another folder (do not back up the Library folder, these files are auto-generated by Unity)
  3. Delete SDK and Plugins folder, as well as the the associated .META files
  4. Create a new dummy Unity Project
  5. Install the latest SDK on the dummy project
  6. Copy the newly added SDK/Plugin and associated .META files from the dummy project into your original project


Done. Now you can open your upgraded project, and there will be no crash no matter how complex your trigger work!


If you are still having problems after following these steps, create a Support ticket with your Editor log.


You can find your Editor.log file at this location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Unity\Editor\Editor.log. You can also paste this into your address bar in Explorer:




Please attach this file to your ticket. Don't copy and paste it into the ticket!

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